What does it mean to dream about an imp? Dreaming of an imp, okay? Dreaming of an imp has the influence and reaction of reality, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of an imp, which is organized by the editor of ( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ).

I am a college student, 21 years old this year, unmarried. I had a very scary dream at night. I saw a little boy chasing and frightening a little girl . It was in a home with plenty of light. It should be during the day. They used to play. Well, the little boy suddenly opened his mouth with a vicious look, as if he was about to eat her, showing his teeth, the little girl was frightened and looked terrified. I watched it as a bystander. Another dream is that I dreamed that my grandma was dead. Before she died, she took me to see a lot of rice at home. The entire yard was covered with dozens of tons and a lot of money. It didn’t look like RMB. Later, my grandma died. I was forced to use a long tube to get something out of the pacifier. I don’t remember. After the end, a man said that they would have money to make money. Finally, grandma suddenly appeared on a bed. , Turned into a terrible skeleton, pushed down by the little boy who turned into a ghost, and the bed slid down. The bottom was dark, and then the little girl was scared. Ask the master to help me answer, my grandma is still alive, and no major incident has happened recently.

Book Dreamsmeaning : first a dream, dream of ghost soul usually frail reflect, to pay attention to their health. The second dream, dreaming of grandma's death, indicates that your grandma will be in good health and there is no need to worry.

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