What does it mean to dream of being often in a grey-toned dream?

Dreamsmeaning Book : What kind of mood is when you look at the things around you. When you are happy, looking at the things around you are joyful and likable ; when you are sad, looking at the things around you are all Unsatisfactory...I often see gray-toned dreams in my dreams, indicating that I have been hurt in my heart.

A woman dreams of a gray-toned dream. This dream comes from childhood trauma and is a serious injury. A woman with a gray tone in her dreams is actually very difficult to be colorful. In many cases, she is impressed by all kinds of negative information. The cold blood is because she feels the coldness of others to herself. Fortunately, this cold blood is only a kind of protection for herself. In fact, she does not want to show her warm side to others too much, for fear that she will encounter some cold blows again.

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