What does dreaming often mean in dreams in gray tones

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : What kind of mood will look at the things around you, when you are happy, look at things around you are festive, people like; when you are sad, look at things around you Unsuccessful ... Dream often in the gray-tone dreams, indicating that he was hurt in the heart.

The woman dreamed of a gray-toned dream that originated from childhood trauma and was a great deal of hurt. The gray-toned woman who often dreams is actually very hard-hearted. In many times, she is impressed with all kinds of negative information. She is cold-blooded because she feels the coldness of others. Fortunately, this kind of cold blood is just a kind of protection for herself. In fact, she is unwilling to expose her warm side to others too much, for fear that she will encounter some cold blows again.

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