What does it mean to dream of felling bamboo

First of all, I will definitely not deforest in real life. But in that dream, I did a bad thing. I dreamed that the bamboos in the bamboo forest were horizontal and vertical, and I was a little annoyed, so I chopped a few times with the knife in my hand. (Male, 27 years old)

Dreamland analysis: Cuizhu is a sign of lots of happy events or strong love. Dreaming about the lush foliage of the bamboo forest indicates that your career has been successful in the recent period; dreaming about the beauty of the bamboo forest branches shows that you have a sincere love in your love life. Dreaming about felling bamboo shows that you may want to clarify the truth.

The messy bamboo in this dream indicates that you are not in a good mood in the recent period, and your heart is more upset. Therefore, in your dreams, bamboos appear horizontally and horizontally; dreaming of felling bamboos implies that you are troubled by tongues. Clarify the facts, but the results are not ideal.

In addition, men dreamed of bamboo shoots, indicating a successful career and a fortune. Women dream of bamboo shoots, indicating that your relationship is finally clear. I hope many good things, such as bamboo shoots.

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