What does Zhou Gong Jiemeng dream about when eggs are piled up?

( Dream Dictionary official website ) eggs primary fiscal years in barter, egg because it's nutritious and easy to carry, has become a commodity in exchange for hard currency, and even to some extent, played the functions of money.

Eggs represent property and can be said to have a long history. Dream Dictionary: dream of chicken eggs or eggs, are rich in Xiangzhao.

Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed that the piles of eggs meant business was booming.

Dreaming that the egg was broken meant that a dispute over property could cause quarrels or even a lawsuit. People who have such dreams should keep their property properly and make a detailed list.

Dreaming of throwing eggs and raising eggs means that property is growing rapidly and there is a chance of getting rich. Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed that throwing eggs into the water meant that doing business related to water would be profitable.

Dreaming of grabbing eggs from other people means that using immoral means to defraud others' property will be accused of being a liar and should be stricter than self-discipline.

Dream of throwing eggs as balls to become a millionaire.

The woman dreamed that the hen who drove the chicks away would be held by relatives.

Dreamed of pouring eggs into the water to be successful in the water business.

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