What does it mean to dream of being scratched by a cat

When I was cleaning the house in my dreams, I had a bag of crumpled clothes. As soon as I got closer, a white kitten jumped out. "Wow-it's so cute!" When I was touching it, suddenly its sharp claws scratched me, and the back of my hand was scratched. The kitten was hugged by her husband who stood aside and stared at me coquettishly. (Female, 27 years old)

Dreamland analysis: Cats in dreams are generally a symbol of villains or competitors. Are you upset about your husband recently? Are you worried that he has other women ? "A bunch of crumpled clothes" means being taken off or removed, which means naked. The cat being held by her husband is also related to nudity, suggesting that the husband has a sexual relationship with another woman. According to the content of the dream, the "cat" may be the incarnation of someone who loves his opponent and robs her husband.

Dreaming of being caught by a cat indicates that the dreamer is worried about being hurt by competitors, enemies, or friends.

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