What does it mean to dream of Bangye

In my dream, I found that the sky was getting dark and night began to fall. Slowly, buildings, vehicles, pedestrians, etc. are all shrouded in twilight. I walked endlessly, and the night enveloped the city and also surrounded me, making my heart unhappy. (Male, 27 years old)

Dream analysis: dreaming of evening means disappointment. Dreaming about the evening indicates that you are sad in your heart. Dreaming of the evening indicates that the hope you had previously held is unlikely to be realized. In short, dreaming of twilight is a sad sign and unpleasant.

But if you dream of dawn, it indicates new hope and opportunity. For example, dreaming of dawn in the east symbolizes new hope and vitality, indicating that your career can be successful; dreaming of the sunrise at dawn indicates that you are very energetic and powerful, as long as you put it into practice Action, you can achieve something.

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