I had a dream and helped to solve it. I dreamed that I started to sleep in the dormitory. A friend A came in and lay down on the bunk opposite me. There were two people who carried the camera and one my leader. Crying, and then patted B, who was also in the dormitory of his bunk, and B also cried.

At this moment, the leader also cried. When he saw that the leader forgot his eyes, he gave it to me and made me cry. When I was filmed by the camera, I followed the fake cry and forgot to drip my eyes. Later, the leader asked me to go to his office. In his office, I saw his fish tank. He told me to watch the fish and introduce me to the fish. I said that you had a lot of fish. He said that I changed a lot, and then saw his office. There were many creatures running underground, including a scorpion and a creature with a big mouth. The others forgot. Some scorpions are red, some have three tails, and some have a tail. I moved that big-mouthed creature, and he turned his head and sprayed me with a dirty face. I told the leader to wash my face in the water room, stood up and accidentally stepped on a scorpion. I went to the water room to wash my face, entered the water room, the taps were all open, and I sprayed water in it. I found a place where I couldn't spray it to wash my face, and then I woke up.

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