Last night I dreamed of seeing the mirage, especially dreamy ~

And there are still changes, starting with the sea ~ It is a shocking connection with the real sea

Later it turned into a fantastic (purple picture) fauna, like a lion ... or something (don't remember)

Changed something else, don't remember

Finally changed back to the sea, just like the beginning ~!

The whole dream scene is particularly clear.

Then I woke up. I've never dreamed of it before.

As soon as I was at work today, the leader informed me to travel and study for one week next week. I wonder if it has anything to do with this?

I am 31 years old, I have a stable job, I am married , and I have no children for physical reasons . Thank you, Master!

( Zhou Gong's official website of dream interpretation) Dream interpretation: The mirage of the mirage, which represents an illusory and unreal scene, the mirage of the mirage in the dream expresses the things you imagine and long for in your heart. The sea is vast, far-reaching, with a sense of belonging. It ’s different. The deeper meaning needs to be judged by your own feelings about the sea. The fauna is the humanity that you want to feel in reality. Lions and beasts are more powerful images. At the same time, females breed and hunt. As a woman's sense of responsibility, purple is a color that has the mysterious charm of women and at the same time shows suppressed passion. It is not directly related to study and business trips, but more to reflect some feelings about the life of husband and wife.

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