Dreamland analysis: Girls who are not yet in love, realize their dreams of pregnancy . If the dreamland is happy, it means that you really want to have a happy love. While envying others, you have the subconsciously "If I do like this, I should "Good" ideas, so it will be reflected in the dream; if the dream is upset, you may have trouble recently.

Unmarried women and even virgins may dream of having children by themselves . If you are talking about friends, dreaming of having children , or having twins, then you may have to break up with your boyfriend. The meaning of "having children" is Your own rebirth is a brand new self. This is the interpretation of dreams . It is the function of your subconscious mind.

Analysis of a woman dreaming of having a son

A woman dreaming of having a son indicates that you will lead a comfortable and happy life.

Dreaming that you have a son is a sign that you will be able to achieve it, and the recent fortune is also very good, good luck.

Dreaming that your wife has a son indicates that you will lead a happy, fulfilling and happy life.

The pregnant woman dreams of having a son , which indicates that what you lack now is the care of the people around you. Green symbolizes harmony and health. Your heart is still more worried about the baby's health. It is recommended that you calm down and wait for the baby to be born. boy.

Dreaming that someone else has a son indicates that you will lead a happy and comfortable life.

Dreaming of a child born unmarried, he will become a leader, and can rely on his intelligence and wisdom for the benefit of the country or nation.

A married woman dreams of having a child , which shows that you are dissatisfied with your current situation, eager to get care in your heart, and it symbolizes that you get a brand new self and new opportunities for development. Of course, it may be that you really want a child.

A girl in love dreams of pregnancy . The joy of dreaming indicates an increase in happiness. If you are upset about your pregnancy, you must take a closer look at your lifestyle.

Dreaming of pregnancy when   having a sexual life means that you are afraid of pregnancy. It is recommended to go to the hospital to eliminate the worry.

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