Hello, I really love that person in real life. I once threatened that I could do anything for him, and he would bury my body if he killed him !

I do n’t know if I think about it day and night, I have a very strange dream

By the way, the person I love doesn't know me, but I know unilaterally that he loves him.

At the beginning of my dream, I strolled aimlessly in Baolong City Square, and walked to a place like a wilderness mountain. Suddenly the person I like and his friend came out from behind me, and they totaled 6 people and spread out in 6 different directions. I am of course the one I like. Because he doesn't know me, and his character is a kind of dislike to strangers and a heavy heart. So he found that I followed him deliberately and wanted to get rid of me. . . I was anxious to see him like this, anyway, I lost my way and simply followed him regardless.

Later I went to a very muddy place, the road was slippery, and a lot of garbage was mixed in the mud. He followed a very steep, slightly high slope, and he jumped quickly. Although I was scared, I saw him go further and further. . . The dream here is blank, I do n’t remember how I went down, when I realized that I saw him not far away in front of me, I stood on a very stable land, he stepped on a small soil slope, nearby There are many small soil slopes covered with straw mats. It's dark, I feel bad. . .

In addition to us here, there is a friend of his, which is one of the other 5 people just now. I hate that person and told him to drag him privately because his face is like a slipper. . .

He and Tiao opened the straw mat as if they were looking for something. Hearing their conversation, it turned out that they were looking for a corpse ! And they were looking for a complete one, and then they dug their lungs to save people. I didn't feel scared or disgusted at the time. I was thinking how to help him, so I turned to Tupo and opened the straw mat to help find the complete body.

I found a dead body that seemed to have just died a few days ago. I asked him to come and come and drag. I found a piece of white paper saying: This body is in danger of mutating. . . . (I do n’t remember the original words, probably that ’s what I meant). We were all scared to see this, and fell off the dirt slope. Ren (his name, real name) and Tuo felt that it was too scary and decided to give up. Ren said he would take me along, but I was thinking of helping him and I had n’t finished reading the words under the paper, so I called They left, and they climbed back to the dirt slope to study the paper.

The second half of the blank paper reads: "This is a lonely corpse, as long as you are willing to hold him, give you what you want." I understand it as he agreed to take my lungs as soon as he hugged him . I could do anything for the sake of benevolence, so I picked up the corpse and found that the corpse was cold and stiff, and had no head. . . Suddenly I felt that he was very pitiful. After holding it, a box appeared beside me, and inside it was my lung.

I sat on the dirt slope holding the box and waited. I did n’t know why I was waiting here or what I was waiting for. I did n’t know where his home was. He could n’t reach him when he left. . . I'm not scared at all, just filled with sorrow

After waiting for a long time, he didn't show up. A little angry, why did he just run like this, no matter what I did? But he said to himself immediately: "Normal and normal! No one will go to such a horrible place for someone you do n’t know, and everyone will run, and I still want him to go first. "(I know that I am very reckless, and even in my dreams, I will continue to protect him ...)

After waiting for a while and no one came, I decided to take the box home first. When I was about to leave, there was a sudden light coming out. It was very dazzling. After I got used to it, I saw two figures. It's him! And that slipper face classmate. . . He came back to me, I'm glad I don't know what to say

Because there are various soil slopes here and there, he wants to jump over one by one. I called: "Be careful!" He and Tuo looked up at me at the same time, so I added the sentence: "Jen! Be careful!" . . Although I only care about Ren from the beginning to the end, I feel a little sorry for dragging my classmates in retrospect. . .

When he arrived in front of me, I didn't care about any woman's reservations, so I threw him on his arms and said, "I thought you wouldn't come back"

He also hugged me and said no, he wouldn't ignore me, he just went back and took the flashlight, and when he got the light, he was not afraid.

Later things could not be remembered. My friend heard that at the end, this dream was just my idiot, and I wanted to hug him every day. . . I like him but I want to hug him every day. . . .

Is this really just a product of my idiot? Why not be more beautiful and dig a dead body. . . Just because my mind is dark?

I wrote a lot, sorry. . . Trouble

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Interpretation of Dreams: Walking aimlessly is to express your state of feelings. There are some aimless and some bewildered. When you go to a place like a wilderness mountain, you mean that you are on the edge of your heart. It ’s a very remote and barren state. Six people appear together, including Ren, walking in six different directions, which also reflects your loss. You do n’t know which direction to go, so you set up one in your heart. Ideal image, such as Ren, so that you have a direction to follow, just like you said, anyway, if you get lost, just follow him without care, muddy, slippery road, and a lot of garbage in the mud This is showing your love life, muddy, unsmooth, and a lot of garbage, that is, bothersome things, he wants to shake you off, it is also how you feel about him, you like him very much, but he does n’t even know You, this kind of relationship model in which one party takes the initiative and the other is indifferent, makes you feel as if you are following him, and he wants to throw you away. The drag image can be understood as your heart Another part of the opposite sex image, apart from Ren, there will be other opposite sexes in your life, and you only pour your inner emotional energy into Ren, disdain the other opposite sex, find the body, and actually express it The meaning is that you are seeking the meaning of the secret love you are engaged in. In such an emotional world that the other party does not even know, you feel dull and suffocated, and in this despair, a part of your heart is like There is no hope and no vitality when dead. This is what the corpse seeks and the lungs express. The body is in danger of corpse transformation. This sentence indicates that you still have a glimmer of hope and hope that the situation will "change". This is a kind of Lonely corpse, as long as you are willing to hug him and give you what you want, this is your voice, in despair, your requirements are very simple, as long as you hug the lonely you and ignite your hope, you can Take out the heart and lungs to him, the chest, which belongs to the emotional center of the person, so all the organs in the chest, the heart, the lungs, or sometimes the stomach, can be understood as emotions, you Waiting for him in this remote place, and finally he came in the dream, it is the desire in your heart to be achieved in the dream, as a compensation for the reality, I feel a little sorry for dragging classmates, is a hint, except for Ren, There are other opposite sexes around you, which may be worthy of your attention. With light, you are not afraid. It is also an expression of your heart. You need light and warmth, but it is not enough to burn yourself unilaterally.

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