Zhou Gong's dreams : Crab is a small joy; beer is a long-term plan, or dissatisfaction; dreaming of these implies that you should end your free and free life and customize your long-term life plan.

Dreaming of buying crabs, the body will be strong.

Dreaming of buying crabs, you will encounter noble people.

Dreaming of buying yellow crabs, skill moves up. Calligraphy, abacus, kendo, judo, etc. If you are studying, this is an opportunity to upgrade. You can sign up for the quiz immediately.

Unmarried women dream of buying crab meat and will marry a wealthy and wishful man.

Crab Zhangya dance claws are multi-sectioned, and they are also used to dig holes in the sand and appear in dreams. Dreaming of crabs indicates that dreamers may encounter competitors on the love field or in the business field.

Dreaming that the crab caught you may indicate that you will be hurt by the villain, and warn you to be careful.

Dreaming of crabs running rampant indicates that your fortune is getting better and you are about to overcome your immediate difficulties.

Dreaming about cooked crabs is a good thing, meaning your opponents are defeated by you.

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