What does it mean to dream of snake rain

In my dream my family was sleeping in the jungle. Then, the whistle of the car sounded, all the animals were in a commotion, and snakes began to fall in the sky. They hold their tails, trying to swallow it in. I picked up one snake from its neck and let it bite another snake. Eventually it killed the other snake. (Male, 28 years old)

Dream analysis: The jungle shows your instinct and subconscious. Car alarms are an unnatural aspect of the jungle environment. In your subconscious, it may be a way to get your attention when necessary. Snake Rain once again draws your attention to subconscious thoughts, especially snakes represent the temptation and evil of primitive energy, which may be thoughts that you don't want to face in your subconscious mind. Snake biting the snake to death symbolizes that you have to face and resolve those thoughts that you feel depressed, so that you will understand yourself better.

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