Dreaming about killing someone else ’s wife is the best dream interpretation: The killing in a dream usually means that you are under too much pressure and cannot be released before you can dream like that. The dream that killed someone else's wife appeared in the dream, indicating that the dreamer was not calm enough to do things. I dreamed of killing someone else ’s wife. I dreamed that I killed someone else ’s wife, and I ate the meat to the dog. I dreamed of killing . One of them thinks that your negative emotional backlog is too long and too long to be released. In the dream Suppressed emotions erupt completely without the constraints of time and space; both mean that you have too many enemies. If you dream of killing the enemy's wife, then in your subconscious, you will think that the power of the enemy is strengthened, which is also a manifestation of your emotions. Enemies are easy to solve and not easy to tie. Many so-called enemies are caused by trivial matters. Remind the dreamer to calm down when encountering things and try to calm down his mind.

The following content is an explanation of dreams related to the wife who killed someone else;

1. Dreaming of killing yourself : Good luck, dreaming of killing yourself will make some loyal friends. Dreaming of killing my friends, I will get the help of friends.

★ Dreaming that you have killed the enemy, the power of the enemy will be strengthened, and you are well under the control of the enemy.

★ Dreaming that I have killed my loved ones, can inherit a large legacy, and will have a stronger affection, and will be happy.

★ Dreaming that you have been charged with homicide, you will become famous and become a celebrity, doing work that is good for the country and society.

★ Dreaming of killing many strangers and shining blood, the dreamer will be rich or expensive, and good luck will accompany him throughout his life.

★ The prisoner who has been in prison dreamed of killing himself, Xiangrui, who will be released soon and free.

2. Dreaming about others killing : Dreaming about seeing others killing the master. In addition, dreaming about others killing people is only a sign that the dreamer has been affected by external influences, and part of his personality cannot continue to survive. Killing someone, being there, or killing someone else, means that the dreamer is trying to get rid of the influence that person exerted on you.

3. Dreaming about killing and seeing blood : Good luck, first of all we must know that dreaming about blood , good luck, blood means getting rich, then dreaming about killing and seeing blood will have good luck, dreaming about killing and seeing blood is good, if only Killing blood is not good for yourself. Businessmen dream of killing blood, and doing business can make a lot of money. The blood-stained clothing was murdered, and he was sharply pointed by the stab of the sword. The sword was killed to see Xueji, and the knife wounded and bleeding the main drink and food.

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