Dreaming of killing someone else’s wife is the best interpretation of the dream: Killing in the dream generally means that you are too stressed and cannot be released, so you will have that kind of dream. The dream of killing someone else’s wife appears in the dream, indicating that the dreamer is not calm enough to do things. Dreaming of killing someone else’s wife I dreamed of killing someone else’s wife and giving meat to a dog. Dreaming of killing someone . One thinks that your negative emotions have been backlogged for too long and cannot be released. In the dream The suppressed emotions are completely unconstrained by time and space; both means that you have too many enemies. If you dream of killing your enemy’s wife, you will subconsciously think that your enemy’s power will be strengthened, which is also a manifestation of your own emotions. Enemies are easy to solve and not easy to settle. Many so-called enemies are caused by trivial things. Remind the dreamer to calmly deal with things when encountering things and try to calm his mind.

The content introduced below is related to dream interpretation of dreaming of killing someone else’s wife;

1. Dreaming of killing yourself : Good omen, dreaming of killing someone , will make some loyal friends. Dreaming of killing one's own friends, you will get the assistance of your friends.

★ Dreaming that you have killed your enemy will strengthen your enemy's power and you will be far within the enemy's control.

★ To dream that you have killed your loved ones, can inherit a large amount of inheritance, and will have a stronger family relationship and enjoyment.

★ To dream of accusing yourself of homicide will make you famous all over the world, become a celebrity in society, and do work that is beneficial to the country and society.

★ To dream of killing a lot of strangers and being full of blood, the dreamer will be either rich or precious, and good luck will accompany him throughout his life.

★ A prisoner who has been in jail dreams of killing someone is auspicious. He will be released soon and be free.

2. Dreaming of others killing: dreaming of seeing others killing people will be lucky. In addition, dreaming of someone killing someone is just a symbol of that the dreamer has been affected by outsiders and that part of his character cannot continue to survive. If someone else kills someone, you are there, or someone else kills, it means that the dreamer is trying to get rid of that person's influence on you.

3. Dreaming of killing and seeing blood : good omen, first of all we need to know that dreaming of blood , auspicious omen, blood means getting rich, then dreaming of killing and seeing blood will have good luck, dreaming of killing and seeing blood is good, if only Killing without seeing blood is bad for you. A businessman dreams of killing without seeing blood can make a lot of money in business. The murderer got rich in blood, the sharp point of the knife was sharp, the knife was killed to see the blood, the knife and the blood were the main food and drink, the stab and the blood were good for the blood, and the body was smashed to see the blood flow.

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