What does it mean to dream that you are not interested in women

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : Men who may not be interested in women may be pitifully small. A large part is what people call homosexuality! If they are not interested in women in the dream, it may be that this man has been harmed by women. , It may be just interested in others.

Dreaming that you are no longer interested in women, it seems that you have no other tendencies, that is not necessarily the case, you really have other homosexual tendencies. Reality actually tells us that there are still many men who are not lustful. For him, lust is not very attractive, and he needs something else. Dreams embody a lot of real emotions. When a woman meets a disgusting man, no matter how he fiddles, there are clouds in the eyes of the man. Tragically, women often think that the other party has lost something they should have. Love or care. In the old days, Liu Xiahui sat in arms and was not regarded as a gentleman. Who can kiss Fangze as dry as today. In fact, whether you really know it or not, there is such a man. It is not that there are other same-sex tendencies, but that she really loses confidence in women and is not interested. Maybe it is just that she hasn't met anyone who really makes her like to appreciate.

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