What does it mean to   dream that I am not interested in women

Dreamsmeaning Book : Men who may not be interested in women may be pitiful, and a large part of them is what people call homosexuality! The dream is not interested in women, it may be that this man has been hurt by women. , It may also be interested in others.

To dream that you are no longer interested in women, as if you have no other inclinations, that is not necessarily true, you really have other same-sex inclinations. The reality actually tells us that there are still many men who are not lustful. For him, lust is not very attractive. What he needs is something else. Dreams embody a lot of real emotions. When a woman meets a nasty man, no matter how she fiddles with it, it will be a cloud in the eyes of the man. The tragedy is that women often think that the other party has lost some of what they should have. Love or concern. In ancient times, Liu Xiahui regarded him as a gentleman without chaos, but now who can kiss Fangze like withered. In fact, whether you really know it or not, the reality is that there are such men. It's not that there are other same-sex tendencies, but that I really lose confidence in women and are not interested. Maybe I just haven't met people who really make me like to admire and fascinate.

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