What does it mean to dream that the soul is out of the body?

I have repeated dreams like this. In the dream, I feel that my soul is slowly drifting out of my body. I am very scared. Before I feel that I am about to leave my body, I start to struggle, but it seems that I can’t move at all. I can't call it. (Female, 33 years old)

Dream analysis: This kind of dream is a reflection of anxiety in reality. The "soul" suggests a phenomenon of "mental breakdown", "I want to be called but cannot be called, and I am still struggling". The dreamer is often a kind of The dilemma of helplessness or breathlessness may be a psychological portrayal of your powerlessness in real life situations. For dreamers in their future life, they should face life calmly and calmly, repeat and write down the content of the dreams they encounter. After many catharsis, they will naturally no longer cause anxiety and tension. , Horrible.

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