What does it mean to   always dream of my husband cheating with other women ?

Dreamsmeaning Book : Now the divorce rate is getting higher and higher, a large part of the reason is that the other half has an affair, so even if there is no divorce, a large number of people are mentally tense, afraid that the other half will cheat. The husband in the dream cheating and being with other women is an expression of love and fear of such a result.

Dreaming of your husband often cheating, looking for other women outside, with other women, occasionally dreaming of your husband cheating once or twice, it’s okay, it can only reflect your love for your husband, and you are afraid of him cheating in your subconscious mind. , Worry caused by love. And dreaming of your husband cheating on many occasions and always being with other women, the situation is different, but it does not fully indicate that your husband is really cheating. After all, the reality is that you have no real evidence, but what can reflect is You are extremely distrustful of your husband, and there is no basis for trust, so how can you live together? Maybe this is just suspicion, maybe there are some signs or even facts revealed by my husband in reality. Hope you can face it with the right attitude.

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