Dreamsmeaning Book What does it mean to dream of a coffin

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dreaming of a coffin in a dream , according to the Dreamsmeaning Book , in a specific dream, dreaming of a coffin does imply a good explanation for wealth.

Women dream of coffins, modern Dreams meaning Book :

·Dreaming about a coffin-a sign that you are going to get rich and have fortune.

·Dreaming about the coffin can be a metaphor for rebirth, or the transformation of your mind or soul into another stage, as well as getting rid of unhealthy bad habits, leaving the old environment, and so on.

In the folks, dreaming of a coffin means to get promoted and get rich. In certain dreams, dreaming of a coffin does imply an explanation of good fortune!

Original Dreamsmeaning Book :

Original Dreamsmeaning Book of dream grave coffin shuttle

The high tomb is auspicious, the new tomb coffin is the main worry,

There is a cloud of energy on the tomb, and the door of the tomb is open to Pepsi,

On the grave there are good fortune and dark fortune, and trees on the tomb are good fortune and bad fortune.

The tomb is blooming, and the coffin in the tomb comes out of the fortune,

Put the tomb into the house, and the dead will come out of the coffin.

Open the coffin and make a violent talk with the dead, and the coffin gathers the dead and gets wealth.

Seeing the great wealth on the coffin water, no one travels far in the open and wild.

From a career perspective, the dream of the coffin shows that your outstanding work performance has been appreciated by your boss in the recent period. This dream indicates that you will have official career and your position will be promoted.

From an economic point of view, the dream of a coffin indicates that your financial resources are booming and your business is booming in the recent period. This dream shows that you have fortune and will get a lot of foreign money.

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