What is the meaning of Zhou Gong's dream

( Dream Dictionary official website ) Dreaming about the coffin , according to Zhou Gongjie's interpretation of the dream, in a specific dream, dreaming that the coffin does have a hint of good luck.

Female dreaming about coffin, modern Zhou Gong interpretation :

· Dream of the coffin-Fortune tells you to get rich and have good luck.

· Dreaming that the coffin can be metaphorically focused on rebirth, or the transformation of thought or soul into another stage, and quit bad habits that are unhealthy, leave the old environment, and so on.

In the folk saying that dreaming of a coffin means being promoted to wealth, there are certain dreams that dreaming of a coffin does imply good fortune!

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams :

The original Zhou Gong's dream of dreaming saw the grave coffin welcome

The high grave is auspicious, the new coffin master is worried,

Yun Qiji was on the grave, and the door of the grave opened Pepsi.

The grave is bright and dark, and the grave is full of trees.

Daiji blooms on the grave, and the coffin in the tomb comes from the daji,

Put the tomb into the house, and the dead came out of the coffin.

Opening the coffin and the dead are fierce.

Seeing the coffin was so rich, the unmanned land traveled far and wide.

From a career perspective, the dream of the coffin shows that in the recent period, your outstanding work has been appreciated by your superiors. This dream foreshadows that you will have an official career and your position will be promoted.

From an economic point of view, the dream of the coffin indicates that your financial resources are booming and your business is booming in the recent period. This dream shows that if you have money, you will get a lot of foreign money.

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