What is the meaning of a man who is dreaming of spring dreams?

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : Dreaming is a normal thing, and it is also normal for boys and girls to have a spring dream. The dreaming object is a man of various colors, indicating that he desires to be nourished by love, and a boyfriend has explained his inner dissatisfaction with her boyfriend.

Spring dreams are often made, but the objects of spring dreams are always bad men, excluding those who already have boyfriends in real life, but it also gives people a feeling of bad sex, clearly and Being together, but shopping together, and often looking at other women . The woman who dreams of this dream has insufficient physical and emotional grasp, which makes this woman always ups and downs when choosing a relationship. She may be extremely afraid of encountering this type of man in her heart, but she always sends out The biggest sigh, how come you meet such a bad man again, how come you encounter a rotten peach blossom. In fact, it is also seen from another aspect that this woman is an impulsive choice, which has led to this result, because in many cases, the woman's words and deeds are not the mind talking, but the body grabbing words.

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