I was born on February 7, 1987. I do n’t have a girlfriend or a public institution. I have recently been promoted. There are several conditions. I know my hope is not great. The main leaders are very optimistic about one of them. The reason is that the relationship between the bungalows living in the rural village is harmonious. The dream was when I took a nap. The dream was like this: At the beginning I went for a walk. I remember that when a colleague went to the city to do business last time, I asked him to help me buy a goldfish and raise it. Suddenly When I remembered that he came back, he put it in the lawn at the door. It has been half a month since he brought the fish back. I think the fish may be dead. Just go there, find the box, and open it for a look. The fish is alive, and the fish is very beautiful. I still think the kid will buy it. The eyes are peach-shaped. At first it was black-purple, and it slowly turned dark blue. I stroked the fish and thought about this fish. It's so beautiful. I wanted to go to a nearby fish market to buy a good fish tank, but at the foot there was a vase-shaped transparent fish tank filled with water. I put it in the fish tank, and it swam happily, its The tail is different from other goldfish, it is four or five purple The long ribbon-like fins are very beautiful. At this time, a beautiful preschool teacher came with a few children. The female teacher asked me to help her carry a display board. Then I went back to the bungalow and didn't enter the house. I noticed that the sky changed greatly. Black tornado in the distance, The surrounding area is also very windy, and it is very bright, bright eyes, like the sun is very close, I know there must be nothing good, they are all in the room after entering the house, and they are calm, only I am more excited, I Look at the sun to the west through the window. The sun is too big. The sun is behind the mountain. I called them all to see the sun. They were also surprised. A fire whirlwind was blowing on the surface of the sun. The TV announcer said: What a powerful Something hit our country, and it will soon pass. I was wondering. The top of the mountain in front of the sun was suddenly lifted by strong magma. The magma hit our house. The magma had poured into the yard in a blink of an eye. I am very Fear, their faces didn't matter. I asked if they were still running. One of them smiled and said: Useless. When I look out through the window, the sky is covered with scorching flames like tsunami waves. Rolled over, the ground is a bit hot, I finished the sentence, the wolf dog outside must be dead now, I asked one of the older ones if we could live, he watched TV and laughed Said: I ca n’t live, the house will collapse in a while, I just lay down and fell asleep next to it. I looked at the magma outside the window and said that it was tidy. It was too painful to die. There were still many things to do. He He laughed and said: Yeah, haha, I did n’t even buy what I was going to die. I ’m really speechless. I asked you how to be so calm. He smiled and did n’t squeak. I was desperate, waiting for death. Then I opened Closed my eyes, my heart beats so hard

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