In the morning, I dreamed of doing something with my sister in the river and on the embankment. Later, I dreamed of having a wedding with my boyfriend. The family prepared for us. When I came to relatives and friends, I was simply painted by a makeup artist. I put on light makeup, but it still looks good. I went to pick a total of 5 wedding dresses, but there were no grand ones. I asked my mother. Mother said that it would look good if you wear it casually. You do n’t need to change clothes at the wedding, just wear one. I picked it up for a long time and finally finished it. The clothes are a bit dim and not very beautiful, they are old, and a black suit is set on the white wedding dress. I looked at myself as if I was not very satisfied. My mother urged me to say Do n’t be embarrassed. I ’m waiting outside. I went out to get in the car. The groom who picked me up was not my husband or my brother. He said that the groom had n’t waited until the wedding ceremony to change back, and got off outside the ceremony site. Going inside, it's so big and spacious, many people have come, but I don't even know it, it's like having a noble party, I pulled the wedding dress calmly and went up When the steps were approaching, I saw a woman with short hair going down. She was wearing a dazzling dress. I did n’t know there were some masonry in the beautiful dress. The color of the clothes was also beautiful, as if she was a bride. I stared back at her and said that there are two brides today? Or she is a bridesmaid. I took a look at myself and felt that she surpassed my dress today. The sisters around told me that she seemed to be the emcee of today. I went into the auditorium with a whisper, and it was even bigger. It was a big exaggeration. I didn't know all the people. I found a place to stay and saw my mother sitting in front of me holding the little girl and watching. When my boyfriend found me with a smile, came over and sat next to me with open hands and said that this is the ring I just bought. I saw very bright diamonds, but they are not particularly big, but I like them. He said that he would exchange them at the ceremony. I wore the ring and showed me a yellow necklace. It was very old. I suspected it was fake or gold, and it was not suitable for me. I felt it would fall down when I wore it. A middle-aged woman said that she would take it Come and show her, How many grams are this? It ’s very expensive. The boyfriend took the necklace and weighed it in her palm. Then she retracted it and did not release her hand to her. I said that the necklace is not good enough to change it, boyfriend. Say yes, then he got up and prepared to change. I asked him where I was going, and then I was going to follow him. Then I woke up. I did n’t know if the necklace had been replaced or not. . .

What can you tell me about this somewhat chaotic dream?

Interpretation of dreams: This dream shows that you are too impatient to deal with marriage. In fact, you have not fully prepared for marriage , and you have not considered the positioning of your future marriage life. This dream reminds you not to rush into success.

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