I am a student, female, 22 years old and have many hobbies. Relationship with parents is also good.

Why do I dream of arguing with my parents and crying so much that I ca n’t cry, and quarreling is so bad that I can't stand it?

First of all, my mom and dad didn't agree in my dream, and I helped mom to deal with dad. Dad invited many people to be guests, and I secretly made troubles. The guests felt that our family had no meaning at all. I kept ridiculing my dad to make him embarrassed. In the dream, I clearly remembered that the guests couldn't stand in the end, even the closest uncles and uncles wanted to escape, and then I remember the guilty and overwhelmed look of my dad. It ’s so bad. Who made you bad for mom? Scolding him was so angry that he was speechless. In the end, my mother couldn't stand it anymore and felt that my father was pitiful.

Oh my god, I really love mom and dad, it's never possible to scold them. What does this dreaming mean in the end? What can express my thoughts? Why am I mad at my cute dad?

In addition, Zhou Gong explained that dreaming would be very unlucky, and the family was ruined, and I was scared, but the treat in my dream was very unpleasant, and no meals were served, etc. It seems that it only attracted people, and it was too late I was quarreled.

(Zhou Gongjie Dream www.zgjM.org ) Dream interpretation : Don't worry, this dream has no direct connection with your relationship with your parents in reality and there are no ominous predictions. This dream is about expressing some emotional things. Why do you express it in the relationship between yourself and your parents? The reason is that in your relationship model, because of your dependence on your father, you are composed of three people: you, your mother, and your father. In family relationships, the father is of the opposite sex. Therefore, in growing up, I will learn some characteristics of my mother as a more mature same-sex, and take the father as an object of concern. Thus, I am developing a perfect emotional model in my growth. In the shadow of parents. You did not mention whether you have a boyfriend or not. From this dream, you can see that if you have a boyfriend, in your interaction with your boyfriend, your ego can be divided into two subpersonalities, one is a mature personality like a mother, and the other is like in Like his father before him, he has a dependent personality. Looking at this dream again, the meaning is even clearer. The disagreement between mother and father means that you have some minor contradictions in your interaction with the opposite sex. The guest is the person in your life that surrounds you. Some friends, when you help mom to deal with dad, you are referring to the sub-personality of your self that starts to deal with your opposite sex as you do with dad. Finally, you ca n’t even see the other sub-personality, and feel that the opposite sex is poor.

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