My boyfriend dreamed of my tragic death. What does it mean when he wakes up?

My boyfriend had a very strange dream yesterday. He dreamed that I was dead. He dreamed that I calculated a card for him, drawn 4, 9, and three kings. I said that 9 is too thick, and there is a hole in 4 that won't work. (I was dizzy when I heard it.) Then I was very sad. At this time, someone broke me alive and I died. He quickly tried to put my belly together to save me, but he was unsuccessful and he was very sad. At this time, my dad came forward to comfort him (really baffling.) Then he ran out, crying on the street, and then wept until he woke up. Tell me today. I would like to know what kind of omen this dreaming has in the end? Today I was frightened by him for a long time.

PS: My boyfriend is 25 years old. He is trying to do business by himself. I will leave him to study in September. As for family and hobbies, ordinary. Our relationship, often quarreling, there are many irreconcilable contradictions, including I want to leave him to study. But we are in love.

( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zgjM.org ) Dream interpretation: card counting can be understood as looking to the future, 4, 9 and King, the numbers are more personalized, it is not easy to guess the specific meaning here, King can be regarded as destiny, when viewed in combination, In analyzing the relationship and future of the two of you, 9 is too rough, and 4 has a hole. It is comparing and matching two people. After that, he feels that he can't get along. He is expressing the worry about the relationship between the two. Breaking open and dying is a vivid description. In his heart, the relationship between the two of you is destroyed by some negative objective conditions, so that he has a sense of loss, just like you died, he worked hard I want to bring your belly together to save you. The abdomen is the center of people ’s emotions. This plot means that he tried hard to save your relationship from negative conditions, but did not succeed. Your father The image of can be seen as a sub-personality in his heart. This sub-personality has characteristics similar to your father's, that is, he can consider things more maturely and have more decision-making ability. In the dream, he comes to comfort It is to imply that your boyfriend, to be more objective analysis of things, the final cry, to vent to a sense of loss brought about by negative emotions. When solving the problem, we must first find the right entry point. Perhaps some negative objective conditions can be improved through the joint efforts of the two people.

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