What does it mean to dream of being hurt by a good friend or being hurt?

Dreamsmeaning Book : In life, it is inevitable not to be hurt by friends. Some hurts will make us remember for a lifetime, friends may become enemies, and some hurts may soon be forgotten. In the dream of being hurt by a good friend, it may be that the recent actions of the friend are a bit suspicious. The dreamer reminds himself to prepare in advance!

To dream of being hurt by a good friend reminds the dreamer to prevent the villain. In fact, the deeper meaning is that the dreamer has realized that he is distrusted by his friends. The distrust between friends is more about discovering the hypocrisy of the other party. In fact, the dreamer is guarding against the opponent's counterattack. It also shows that the friend of the dreamer is to lie regardless of the consequences, whether it is life or career.

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