What does it mean to dream about your naked picture in your brother's book

Zhou Gong's interpretation of the dream : The "Yanzhaomen" incident has made many people victims, and made many people understand that they should not do unsightly things. Even if they do, they must protect their secrets, so many people's pressure in this area has changed Too big. The naked picture of myself in the dream is sandwiched in my brother's book, it may be that the dreamer is under too much pressure, and maybe some of his own secrets are known by others.

I dreamed that my nude photo was caught in my brother's book. The nude photo is a private thing, and it is the last thing I want to show to anyone. Taking nude pictures symbolizes humiliation, secret disclosure, privacy snooping, and lack of security.

This dream implies that you have a secret that you don't want to be known, maybe a lot. My brother represents the person closest to you. You are afraid of being known or leaking the secret. It has been bothering you deeply in your heart and becoming a heart disease. In addition, it may be your boyfriend that is causing you insecurity, or you may not let your family know him. You are worried that others will discover your underground relationship. From this dream reflects your inner anxiety and pressure, but don't add too much thought load to yourself, what you should do.

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