I dreamed that there was a two-headed snake in the yard of the house, and it came towards me. I was scared, and I smashed it with a clod. If I could n’t, it would change color, it was beautiful, and it disappeared after a while. .

I dreamed of being bitten by a dog last year , and it really contradicted people. Dreaming dreams fell downstairs, and then saw the dream interpretation on the Internet, saying that they would break up. My girlfriend broke up with me within a few days. I now believe in dream interpretation and care about the results of dream interpretation. Please help me out.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Dream and said: psychology dream dreams of a word can do no more, and there are prophetic dreams are rare, if you want to draw from the analysis prophetic dreams, you can see " Dream Dictionary ". Analyze each image roughly. There is a two-headed snake in the yard. The yard can symbolize the uterus. In this dream, it means to return to the original and explore some primitive things in the heart. The two-headed snake and snake can be regarded as the image of instinct. The two heads indicate division, two thoughts, and two positions, which can also be regarded as reflecting the degree in quantity. This plot means that the instinct that is suppressed in the heart is struggling, and the concrete becomes the external world. The betting object may refer to your feelings about the opposite sex, and there is a certain selectivity. The clods are indifferent and inanimate. Smashing snakes with clods means that you are moving with rationality and as little as possible. The way it feels against it is that the snake changes color and is beautiful, meaning it is tempting.

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