What does it mean to dream of endless wolves

I followed a group of people to siege Wolf Mountain, there are many wolves. There are a lot of green grass under the mountain, and then it seems that at the gate of the mountain, people surrounded the exit with wooden fences, lit a lot of torches, and illuminated it.

This dream has been done once before, but the endings of the two times are different. The first time I had this dream, all the wolves were destroyed by the people, but this time it seemed that the torches did not stop the wolf's way in the end, they had a tendency to rush down the mountain. (Female, 23 years old)

Dream Analysis: "Wolf Mountain" in the dream is a symbol of male sex; "Wooden Fence" and "Destroy" both symbolize your depression of male fear; "Fire" symbolizes the intensity of the depression; "No block" And "have the momentum to go down the mountain" shows that it is difficult for you to suppress the emotion of fear, that is to say, using this method of suppression can not eliminate the fear.

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