What does it mean to dream of driving without a license

I don't actually have a driver's license, but somehow I drive on the highway. And I've been desperately overtaking, surpassing many small cars and trucks, and racing in a good mood. I was just a little lost, and suddenly I couldn't make a sharp turn, and fell to the cliff. Then I woke up. (Male, 31 years old)

Dream Analysis: This dream is a deep heart warning to you who is overconfident. If you get lost, you will fall off the cliff, which is to warn you that you will fail again. This is a dream that urges you to correct your attitude and work hard. Therefore, in the future work, we should reflect on the previous work and handle everything carefully and carefully to avoid failure and achieve success. Therefore, we must not only dare to attack and dare to take risks, but also must be "fine within".

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