I didn't sleep all night last night, I was a little tired at about 6 o'clock, and fell asleep. After waking up, I found that it was only 8 o'clock in the past 2 hours.

But I had a very strange dream, without any expression. I have read the commentary of the dream. It seems to say that the dream is the fulfillment of a wish, but I do n’t understand. What is the dream, the expression, the fulfillment, and the beginning. I remember going home for the first time on the 12th floor! Taking the elevator , (in reality, the first floor of my house), I just entered the elevator and I pressed the button on the 12th floor. At this time, an aunt with a child called him Xiaomao. Do n’t press your head randomly. This little hairy head is about to press randomly. I blocked it. The aunt smiled awkwardly. Later, there was a middle-aged woman who asked me to stand at the door of the elevator. Then I told him, Unless someone presses, otherwise, I will stand where the door enters and the elevator door will not open.

Then, on the 12th floor, this room was very special. It was the kind of room that was shared by several people and entered from one door. For example, 5 rooms, 1 bathroom, 1 hall, and 5 people shared the same type. I used to live with my brother's house before, so) Later, because the 12th floor was the top floor, I went into my house from the rooftop, into my window, (I'm a bit inexplicable, too), and for no reason, I and my mother arrived at my school. I probably went by bus. When I was going home, I suddenly had a very good bicycle . I told my mother that you should go home first and I would buy something to eat. At this time, I was on my body. There are 19 or 21 yuan (I actually told my mother during the day that I ordered 19 or 21 takeaways to deliver, but I have n’t cycled for about 5 years )

Later, I rode the bike to the place where I used to eat with my classmates. On the road, I always felt that the handlebars were sometimes very low and sometimes the right brake was broken. After that, I found a piece of food stall. I bought one and waited until I got to the second one. I was afraid that I would not have enough money. I thought I would take the bus home and think about it. After that, let ’s go home by bike. At this time, the scene has changed again. I ’m probably like a person going to death. I went home and looked at the elevator on the 12th floor. Then I went to the grandma ’s house on the 3rd floor.

Then I went to the field with my brother. This time, I rushed suddenly, and the other party still had any petrol bombs, and we kept chasing. (In reality, I have n’t played outside for more than 5 years, let alone the field. (Usually, they go together, and there is no such thing as a petrol bomb.) At this time, chasing and chasing becomes me and my grandmother running, and then my grandmother said something that I don't like to listen to, I will go first At this time, I was suddenly anxious to go home. I didn't know what the reason was, but I was worried about my parents. On the way home, I was accompanied by a man. This person I had a profound influence. It was called Liu Zhensheng, (Huo The big apprentice in Yuanjia, I have been watching TV a few days ago) Then, I suddenly found that my dad rushed over and said, what to buy.

Then, I went home and took the elevator together. In the elevator, I found out that my former girlfriend, and her former best classmate, 2 women, I said to my former girlfriend, just below After the fight, it was too exciting, she said: I heard, what kind of petrol bomb was very loud. On the 12th floor, I told them that you guys waited at the door, and I continued to look through the windows, and they said that there was no door After entering the house through a non-window window, I asked Mom what you were doing, and she said that she was taking a bath . At this time, I suddenly woke up !!!!

I feel, the content is too clear, too real, hey, almost scared,

( Zhou Gong's official website for dream interpretation) Dream interpretation: The elevator can be understood as how you feel about your inner state. The 12th floor, this number is more personalized, which refers to the psychological stage you are in, the degree of emotional development, and specifically refers to, It needs to be analyzed based on your personal experience. Middle-aged women and children are all the images in your heart when you review and summarize the inner state of each stage in the past. Children are part of their own image. Women, first of all, have a mother component. At the same time, it also generalizes to a part of the image of the opposite sex with you in the early days. The home in your dreams reflects your psychological structure and is divided into several important parts. It is related to the interaction with the opposite sex. It enters from the rooftop and reflects you. The emotional model refers to the current emotional model that you consider to be unconventional. The bicycle is a reflection of your self. You think the bicycle is good and reflects your evaluation of yourself. Being with your mother reflects your feelings to a certain extent. Attachment means that there are some components of your relationship model with your mother that are formed in the early stages of your relationship. This means experiencing emotional life, you need to leave your mother to do this, so let her go home first, and some glitches in the bicycle on the way to eat, refer to some minor frustration of your self on the road of emotional development Experience, money, value, you have some concerns about value when experiencing emotional life, because you ca n’t or do not want to make more value affirmation to the other party, you decide to save yourself and give up taking the bus, that is, integrate into the collective, The idea of ​​popular life, and continue to "self", petrol bombs, reflects the depression and accumulation of some mental energy in your heart, running with your grandma, similar to petrol bombs, but also the release of emotional and sexual mental energy, Grandma, similar to her mother's image, reflects your early attachment to the older heterosexuality, and rushes home after being separated from grandma. It means that, due to the need for growth, after you say goodbye to your early mother-in-law's emotions, Anxious to find a sense of belonging, I hope to find a state as stable and reassuring as the early emotional model, here Transition state, Liu Zhen sound image is part of your heart in your own, at this stage support, accompany you, Dad very hurriedly ran to buy things , and here you are eager to go home similar meaning, and my father's image, refer to your heart An image that tends to grow into, eager to get some growth gains through self-worth, describing the previous girlfriendFighting refers to your desire to show your ability as a male to the opposite sex.

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