What does it mean to dream of being caught in the trash

In the dream to participate in a football match, I will win. At this moment, a person with a large cap suddenly appeared, and there were many followers standing behind him. Whenever someone saw a foul, they went around to catch someone, and then threw it into a metal trash bin with a lock. I ran to see that everyone had their genitals cut off. Feeling terrified, I was awakened. (Male, 39 years old)

Dream Analysis: The fundamental connotation of competition is competition. On a practical level, dream is about competition on the professional field. People with big blocks and followers behind them are a symbol of authority. A metal trash can with a lock can be regarded as a prison. Are n’t many people calling criminals scum or garbage? Being put in jail means being suppressed, although the genitals cannot be really cut off. The meaning is "castration". If you don't want to be suppressed, don't "foul".

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