What does it mean to dream of being raped by a male ghost

My son and I are sleeping in the bedroom. Suddenly a furry, dark thing came in, and I went to bed indiscriminately, fell asleep next to me, and wanted to be with me ... I saw it was a pale ghost, I was scared and kept Blast it down, but it still tangles with me, forcing a relationship with me, and I was awakened ... (female, 30 years old))

Dream analysis: This dream belongs to sexual dreams, which is a normal sexual psychology and sexual physiological behavior. The occurrence of sexual dreams is closely related to the levels of sexual hormones and sexual psychology in the body. Almost everyone has sexual fantasies of varying degrees and content. This is not only a physiological requirement, but also the result of "thinking day by day and dreaming at night".

Dreaming of being raped by ghosts is actually related to your conservative ideas and your prejudice towards sexual needs. You think sex is matchmaking and shame, so in a dream, you are raped by a male ghost.

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