What does it mean to dream about walking into the opened grave

There was a light rain in the dream, and there was a kind of indescribable coldness, which felt a bit bitter. I saw a grave, and there was an opening, and I walked in like a ghost and went to sleep. (Female, 22 years old)

Dream Analysis: The grave symbolizes death and burial. But death or burial is not necessarily terrible. If it is your pain, your mistakes, your shortcomings that are buried, then this may be a good thing!

The tomb also symbolizes tranquility. Dreaming of walking into the open tomb symbolizes your desire for inner peace. Whether something in your life or work that makes you feel helpless and extremely upset has disrupted your normal life order and made you feel anxious; or is it a reminder if there is something unsatisfactory in your relationship, for the future Whether marriage life is prepared is not enough, there is a kind of inextricable fear, as the saying goes, "Marriage is the grave of love".

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