For women, they often hope that their husband is caring about themselves, and they are compliant with themselves. As far as listening to the phone is concerned, they all hope that their husband will be there on call. In the dream, the most common reasons for husbands not to listen to their own phone calls are two kinds of psychology. The first is that they worry that their husbands don't care about themselves. The other is worrying about her husband's accident. Dreaming such a dream often means that you are caring for your husband.

Dreaming of her husband not answering the phone:

To dream of your husband not answering the phone indicates that your career will be impacted and you will easily conflict with your partners.

A young woman dreams of her husband not answering the phone indicates that her body will have some health problems, and she needs more exercise.

The migrant worker dreams that her husband will not answer the phone, indicating that he will be very quick thinking recently, and he will be praised by others at work and have outstanding performance. However, in personal matters, he will appear very unstable.

A man dreams of his wife not answering the phone indicates that his recent long-distance plan will bring him unexpected gains.

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