Master, I had a very strange dream.

The content of the dream is this:

My boyfriend returned to China, and then we met without any joy. I went to see him after school. We all carried schoolbags. In the dream he became fast walking. I couldn't keep up and had to run. However, I walked slowly and looked at him with dissatisfaction. Go so fast. Later, he continued to make phone calls while walking, using two mobile phones, the other party kept answering, and then "Hey ?. Why is there no sound?" It seemed like at the station, I asked who you called, what he got I forgot, as if it was said that someone wanted to give him money, but the person didn't answer the phone.

Later we walked around and he still walked in front of me. I said I didn't bring any money. I was so anxious to get out. Now I am used to going out without money. He looked a little angry and gave me a glance. He said that his aunt gave him 50,000 yuan, his father gave 100, and then we went to the hotel.

On the way, I said that I didn't buy a condom. Later, he took it out. When I saw it, I said, "On the way, I first held a bottle of iced black tea instead of a bottled one. We walked across the road and he walked fast. In front of me, I was very upset and threw the iced black tea directly over his heel. The black tea did not burst, and the packaging was not broken, but it changed from square to flat. Later, he glanced at me, and seemed to say that he was ill, and it was so easy to buy. Seeing that he picked it up later, I was disdainful of him.

Later I became a dog in my hand. I stroked the dog and walked on the road. I let it go. It's almost the same as black tea. After I put the dog, he said something I forgot, and then I picked it up and hugged it. The street vendor on the road said that the dog was. I was going to kill it. I didn't sting him and continued to hold the dog. Later I came to the hotel. The front desk cabinet was actually in the underpass. When I first entered, I saw a lot of stairs, all of which led to the lower part. Later I went down with him. Both people carried schoolbags. Later, I had dogs in my hands, so as to prevent them from seeing them. Suddenly someone said, dogs ca n’t be brought in, they have to be tied here. Later, my dog ​​became a hamster. I said that I had a cage. The lady at the front desk said that the hamster knew it was cute when she saw it. . They tied the hamster's right foot with a rope, and they said in front of them that the room was on the second floor by the window.

Ask the master for help. Thank you.

( Zhou Gong's official website for dream interpretation) Dream interpretation:

When your boyfriend returns to China, you have the same plot in your previous dream, and the emotions expressed are the same, that is, your need for feeling together. In the dream, he walks quickly, and you cannot catch up, indicating that you feel, There is a spiritual distance between you, you are trying to be close to him, but the sense of distance is still there, you feel a bit tired, all with dissatisfaction, he is using two mobile phones to call, meaning Yes, in your heart, he seems to have two different images that make you unable to understand your knowledge of him. Someone wants to give money, but the other party does not answer the phone. It can be understood that it is actually in your heart that The other party should give you more affirmation of value, but they have not received enough response and enough care. You said that you did not bring money, the same reason. In terms of affirmation of value, you did not do enough to each other, neither Give the other person enough love so that the other person gets enough sense of self-worth. This may be related to your current location. His aunt gave 50,000, and his father gave 100. The comparison here shows that In the relationship model, the care from the elders in his home is more than that from you. At the same time, the aunt, referring to the older woman, is reflected in his relationship model, in the relationship, There is still a sense of dependence on emotional objects that was established in the early days, as if you were a child and a dependency on your mother. Condoms, in this case, refers to emotional barriers. If you do n’t bring them, you do n’t want your relationship. There is a gap between your souls. He brought it to show that you feel that he still gives you some sense of spiritual distance. This sense of distance may be related to his dependence on older women at home. Ice black tea, in This can be understood as yourself, you vent some dissatisfaction in his heart to him in the dream, at the same time, the four corners of the square bottle have flattened, indicating that you were very principled, and you have been forced to change some of your ideas and abandon yourself Some of the "corners", he picked up the ice black tea, indicating his affirmation to you, dog, here, is a complex image, mixed with the image of your boyfriend, and your own Restraint, discarding, and picking up again are your psychological struggle in the relationship with your boyfriend and your sense of self-morality. The words of the street vendor are also a part of the voice in your heart. When you enter the hotel, you are worried that you will not be allowed to bring dogs. In your heart, when you think about doing something, these things may be related to sex. Your moral sense will come out to restrict and block you, making you feel that you should not. The dog becomes a hamster in a cage. The cage can be regarded as a This kind of constraint, a tangible security guarantee, such as marriage, is domestic at a glance, and, tied to a hamster's foot, both plots have the same

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