Hello, Master. I am 26 years old, female, freelance.

Dreams are continuous. I used to dream of someone taking pictures of me (I'm a girl) in the opposite building, but I couldn't see my face. When I looked there, he hid. What I dreamed about today is that my girlfriend and I were secretly photographed at home again. This time the man didn’t hide and continued to shoot. I drew the curtain and didn’t pull the curtain, so I just pulled this corner as myself and asked my girlfriend to take the camera for me. Back shot him, (the people in the opposite building are also looking at us, they all seem to know what happened, and they look very clear!) Before I took the shots, that person was gone, just Seeing the chair spinning there, I felt bad in my heart! The man ran over, and I hurried to lock the door. There were two locks on the door. The upper one was locked, but the lower one couldn’t be locked. , When I locked the door, the door opened and the man came in. The man's appearance was particularly clear. He had short hair close to the scalp, about 1.74 or 1.75, about 150 kg, and he was wearing a black T-shirt. Between the ages of 25, 26, and 27, when he came in, both of us were shocked. We walked back until we reached the sofa in the living room. He took out the knife (slightly thinner than the fruit knife). He told us to keep quiet, and I nodded. , I agree, as long as it doesn’t hurt us. I thought for a while to outsmart him, but I didn’t expect him to put the knife in my mouth until it reached my throat! I didn’t dare to move, he wanted to violate me, and I felt the blood in my mouth surged more and more immediately. I'm going to throw up and then wake up. I am scared and don't know what's going on. Please expert help to interpret the dream! Thank you very much!

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation: dreaming of being photographed by someone in your dream indicates that you have been invaded by someone’s privacy. Two locked doors are locked. Nothing can be locked below represents your ambivalence. The black T-shirt represents your ambivalence. Sin, hatred, and the knife behind is actually the male genitals, your throat is the female genitals, and the blood is getting more and more, indicating that you are afraid of sexual intercourse and feel that it will hurt yourself

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