What does it mean to dream of a car accident ?

The car I was driving in the dream suddenly stopped working. I jumped down and the car collided with a bus. From the front, another loader drove over and hit himself. He was also injured and sentenced to life imprisonment in accordance with the law in his dream. (Male, 36)

Analysis of dreams: Dreams are a process of human subconscious mental activity. The scenes you dream of are similar to "car accidents", and do not foretell what will happen recently, but present a process of psychological conflict, or you The "collision" of the "car", bus, and loader is a psychological reflection of an external event. In the dream your "car" represents some of your personality traits. For example, "braking failure" may represent your impulse, "collision" may represent your conflict with others (people with the characteristics of a bus), and "life imprisonment" may represent your caution to yourself.

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