Dreaming of fights and quarrels: Fortunes may decline. Expenditure will far exceed income. At this time, the most economical budget should be prepared immediately.

The old man dreamed of fighting and quarreling in the near future. Fortune: Hengtong, both fame and benefits, but too much luck will hide the omen of decline, so we cannot be proud and neglectful.

Single people dream of fights and quarrels, but love fortune: unsuccessful.

Dreaming of beating a child indicates that the child will be very respectful.

Dreaming of beating his wife indicates that the relationship between the couple will be sweet.

Dreaming of fighting with neighbors, the two will live in peace.

Dreaming of fighting with people, interpersonal relationships will be handled well.

Dreaming of a fight with my brother, the brothers will be very harmonious.

Dreaming of a quarrel with her husband, the couple will be very sweet.

The husband dreamed of quarreling with his lover, indicating that life would be happy.

Dreaming of quarrels with loved ones, the family will be very harmonious.

Dream of quarreling with friends, you will lose your friend's help in times of crisis.

Dream of arguing with the enemy, can conquer the enemy.

The staff dreamed of quarreling with their boss and would be promoted or raised.

Dream of hitting people with shoes, the position will be promoted.

Dreaming of beating people with a cane is notorious.

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