What does it mean to dream of falling into the pit?

I don’t know if something bad is going to happen to me recently. Last night, I dreamed that I fell into the pit. I almost didn’t make me stink to death. After several struggles, I climbed up from the pit, and the whole body was defecate. , Still golden yellow, stinks! (Male, 38 years old)

Dream analysis: This is a rare good dream. In reality, stool is a dirty thing that people "keep away", but in dreams, it is the opposite. It symbolizes property. The smell is so terrible, it is a good dream. To dream of falling into the toilet and then crawling out implies that you will make money. In the near future, you may get an unexpected windfall, or win the jackpot or win a lottery in a lottery.

Because of the good luck, it is also possible to gain power with the help of nobles and to seek wealth for you. Undoubtedly, this is a good dream of prosperous luck, and we must grasp it well. However, if you dream of sitting on the ground after stepping on someone's stool, it is a bad omen.

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