Dreaming of defense: love luck is rising rapidly. The two will be in the happiness of knowing and loving each other, but be careful not to commit a life-long hatred on impulse.

A child dreams of answering your fortune: Prosperity, both fame and benefits, but too much luck will hide the signs of decline, so you can't be proud and negligent.

Seeking scholars to dream of the defense indicates poor exam results.

The unemployed dreamed that the answer indicates that the recent financial fortune: good.

On November 8th, I set off from a big job to chase my dream and dream of flying. Today, on June 8th, I defended my college graduation thesis. The topic was "Prospect and Analysis of the Development of Newspaper Reading Programs in Local TV Stations"

Because of my dream chasing, I have this paper to dream about snakes . After the defense, in the last class of the university, Mr. Zhan gave me the bottle of water she gave her. For me who had a cold, it was too timely, caring and touching. Suddenly, I felt really reluctant to university. In the classroom, I can't bear my university teachers. There was too little communication before. Teacher Zhan is a teacher I like and agree with very much. He is innocent, tolerant, talented, kind, friendly, and friendly. Teacher Zhan said that I can be active on the Internet, haha, it turns out that the teacher is also paying attention. Teacher Wang is very cute. It’s been a long time since I saw us. The first time I saw us, he said that we were all beautiful.

Asked how our work is going. When I said that I was in Quanzhou, she said that a classmate was there, and she had been praising Quanzhou. Teacher Wang said that I was in a good state and dreamed of sweeping the floor. I was very confident. Teacher Chen has always been calm, as well as defending our thesis. When we see Teacher Chen, we think of three words-relax. Several of us said that we chose Teacher Chen as a mentor and we were very happy to dream of climbing. Teacher Liu, still has a consistent sharp style, but it seems that there are fewer words today, but when he speaks, he is amazing. The leader who hadn't seen before.

Little old, I do not know him, but through this first contact with the dream of the Dragon Palace, that his patience is not enough, but is a stubborn little old, but I guess his professional competence and quality should be high. After the defense, I listened to a few classmates again, maybe it was reluctant to leave the class. Originally, when I came back from today's defense, I had to do 23 issues of the manuscript.

But the leaders and colleagues really love me so much that they let me graduate, relax, and cry. This week’s program was suspended for one episode, showing the film of Wenming County. I was immediately grateful.

Time flies so fast, 7 months have passed since I went to Fujian, and coming back again is a real parting. When I left on November 8, the weather in Dalian was extremely bad. When I came back this time, the weather in Dalian was extremely good. Cool summer, blue sky, and familiar campus.

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