What does it mean to dream of testing lovers with test questions

Dream analysis: Some people in life always like to use what test questions, to test their own half how deep their feelings, their loyalty to themselves, whether they can last forever with themselves and so on. Testing the lovers with test questions in the dream is a sign of a crack in the relationship between the two. Love does not require rhetoric or testing, as long as the two are really good to each other.

Dreaming always tests lovers. This is a kind of ignorance of dreamers. First of all, it reflects the distrust of lovers. Only when they do n’t trust will they continuously test others. It is trust. If you do n’t trust why you still want to be together, since you want to be together, you must build trust with each other. Moreover, it is to expose the hidden inferiority feeling of the dreamer, always test others, can reflect from one side that I feel inadequate, and I am not sure if I have enough charm to grab his heart. In addition, because you just want to be a lover who can pick out the "wrong" for each other, you may not even think about what kind of reason the test questions shown in these dreams are written for, and whether it is suitable for your lover The test of lovers ended up with the lovers leaving and hurting themselves. This is how the tragedy of love arises.

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