What does it mean to dream of setting your screen name or signature to be cute?

Dreamsmeaning Book : Now basically everyone can chat online, from children as young as three to elderly people in their 80s and 90s . The Internet has become a fashion, and it has become popular in every household. Now if there is no Internet, the whole world may be paralyzed. Setting your screen name or signature in the dream is very cute, indicating that the dreamer is a very cute and knowledgeable person.

In dreams, women often set their screen names or signatures as very cute titles, such as habitually naming their screen names "milk candy", "baby", etc., and the signature must also be lively and funny Yes, on the surface, she is looking for a kind of attention and love from everyone. In fact, it shows her inner position for herself, that is, the cute series. This is a kind of cuteness that comes out of personality. After time washing, it will eventually become A kind of habit, her cuteness lies in her erudition, humorous language, caring, ambitious, and she belongs to the terrible type of maturity with cuteness.

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