Record dreams

Hello. I am 17 years old, male and a student at school.

I dreamed about my grandma 3 times. I've been dead for about 3 months. I am not close to her, and I did not cry when she died. I can't remember it for the first time. The second time I dreamed that my grandma was alive, I felt very strange, wasn't my grandma dead? I went to my grandma's house, and my brother was by her bedside. (My brother wasn't there when my grandma died.) After saying a few words, she was about to leave. I also cried and her face was deformed. After she didn't move, I seemed to know that she hadn't died yet, and said, "Let's go." She opened her eyes again and said: OK. I can't remember later. For the third time, I dreamed that my grandma was dead, and all my relatives were in the church and told me to pass by. (There is still a long and long dream in front of me) When I got to the door of the church, I had to choose a character to enter (just like a character in the game). I selected the outline to go to the church and saw that it seemed to be a masquerade, because everyone chose a role, everyone was very noisy, and may be crying. My aunt bumped me out. then. . . (Can't remember). We were all on the church stairs, secretly, without lights. I don't know what happened, everyone is missing somehow, I know, there is a ghost. So I went upstairs (to the top floor) and saw a dark window outside. Looking back, my relatives were gone, and there were stairs on the top floor to go up. I ran down crazy. scary. Then the dream finally ended. It's as if a stage play is over, and the actors have come out to meet everyone, let everyone know that this is not true.

What I said may be complicated and not very clear. Help me, thank you. I don't believe it was my grandma who gave me a dream, I think it is some kind of psychological disorder. Recently, I always have some strange and normal dreams, and it feels weird to wake up. The whole person is also tired. And sometimes when I dream, I just wake up and see that now 18.15, it's time to get up and sleep for a while, I really woke up, only time 17.15 ~ ·

( Zhou Gongjie dream ) Dream interpretation : In fact, my brother refers to your inner maturity and you cry, this is the emotional side of you. After she didn't move, I seem to know that she is not dead yet. This is your ambivalence.

The second dream, you said that it ended like a stage play in the end. In fact, you think that grandma's funeral is like a show. The church is actually you want to vent your inner evil thoughts. Inner confusion, you can climb up on the top floor, indicating that you have high expectations for yourself