Hello. I am 17 years old, male, and a student at school.

I dreamt about my grandma three times. It's been about 3 months since he died. I am not close to her, and I did not cry when she passed away. For the first time, I don't think about it anymore. The second time I dreamed that my grandma was alive, I felt very strange, isn't my grandma dead? As a result, I went to my grandma's house, and my brother was with her by the bed. (My brother was not there when my grandma passed away), after saying something, she was leaving, I also cried, her face was deformed. After she stopped moving, I seemed to know that she was not dead, and said: Let's go. She opened her eyes again and said: OK. I can't remember the latter. For the third time, I dreamed that my grandma was dead, and all my relatives were in the church, and told me to go there too. (There is a long and long dream ahead) I have to choose a character before I can enter when I reach the door of the church (just like choosing a character in a game). After I chose the outline and went into the church, I saw that there seemed to be a masquerade, because everyone had chosen a role, and everyone was very noisy and might be crying. My aunt knocked me out. then. . . (I can't remember). We were all on the stairs of the church, secretly without turning on the lights. I don't know what's wrong, everyone is somehow missing, I know, there is a ghost. So I went up one floor (to the top floor), and saw that the window was dark, and when I looked back, my relatives were gone, and there were stairs on the top floor to go up. I ran down crazy. very horrifying. Then the dream finally ended. It was as if a stage play had ended. The actors all came out to meet with everyone to let everyone know that this was not true.

What I said may be complicated and not very clear. Help me explain, thank you. I don't believe it was my grandma who gave me the dream. I think it is some kind of psychological disorder. I have been having strange and normal dreams recently, and I feel very strange when I wake up. The whole person is also tired. And sometimes in a dream, I just wake up, and see that it is 18.15, it is time to get up, and sleep for a while, really wake up, it is only 17.15~·

( Dreamsmeaning Book ) Interpretation of Dreams: In fact, brother refers to your inner maturity, you cry, this is the emotional side of you. After she doesn't move, I seem to know that she is not dead. This is your ambivalence.

In the second dream, you said that it ended like a stage play. In fact, you think that grandma's funeral is like a show. The church is actually you want to vent your inner evil thoughts. The lights are not turned on and the people are gone. This is you. Lost in your heart, you can still climb up the top floor, which shows that you have high demands on yourself

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