Female, 25 years old (Parents are divorced, but they are in contact with each other, and the relationship is pretty good). I just dreamed of it in the morning. It's a long time, so the troublemaker can solve it. Thank you. It seems that I bought the earrings with my mother for a long time and finally didn't buy it. Then, it was dark and rainy . Many people are also taking shelter from the rain in a high slope area. I seem to be talking about a big city nearby, and a woman standing next to me said that there is a place to live around the volcano in front of me, but if you are not afraid of the expensive taxi, you can directly take a taxi to Tai'an. My mother said to send a message to my dad first. Before it was finished, my mother ran and walked forward quickly. There were two strips of stone arches in front of me. But my mother walked there and suddenly the building It fell, and I couldn’t see clearly when it was raining, so I started crying desperately, crying so loudly and horribly, calling my mother, otherwise the person next to me said you don’t cry, your mother is okay. Then my mother appeared in front of me. It seems to be a little uncomfortable. Then we climbed up a high mountain. The top was the railway. Just walked up and looked back. It was a very wide area and saw that the place where we were just now was a thick, high soil layer. Suddenly I saw the vertical slope of the opposite soil layer. It looked like a big earthworm was rolling, and suddenly the sky was full of people's cries. When we saw it, the opposite side collapsed. Run right away, running along the railway, crying all over the back. While running, I asked my mother if she was running. My mother said that she was running, and then suddenly a thunder woke me up. It was the sound of thunder in reality. It should be awakened. I suddenly woke up physically very sad. Unspeakable feeling.

( Dreamsmeaning Book ) Dream interpretation : buying earrings for a long time and not buying them at the end shows your indecisive psychology. It will rain if it is dark, and take shelter from the rain. First of all, it means that you are in a bad mood and you are eager to have a warm haven. In a large city nearby, a woman standing next to her said that there is a place to live by bypassing a volcano in front of it, indicating that you have an opportunity in front of you, but you have to overcome difficulties. Your mom texted your dad to show that you think your mom still has a dad in her heart, but in the end she always broke up. Suddenly your mom ran fast. In fact, this is an escape. There are two striped squares in front of you. The stone arches, these two doors are the pressure in the heart, if the door is broken, it means that the heavy pressure in the heart is gone. Then we climbed up a high mountain. It was a little uncomfortable. It means that you are very tired for your career. The ground has collapsed. You don’t want to do those low-level jobs. Your mother runs with you, which shows that your mother cares about you very much. jobs

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