Dream dog killed a cat

Dreaming of a dog killing a cat means that you are gradually smooth in your work and have made great progress in your business, which will surprise you. As long as you continue to work hard, the receipt of wealth will make you happier.

Dream of a cat playing with a dog

Dreaming that cats and dogs are playing together and chasing suddenly, it means that your recent life will be turbulent, and there may be some episodes that make you worry, but as long as you calm down and cope, you will be fine.

Dreaming of thin and dirty pussy

Dreaming of a thin and dirty cat means that your distant friend may send unfortunate news. If you get rid of this cat in your dream, it means that your friend has been cured after a long illness.

Dreaming of being attacked by a cat

Dreaming of being attacked by a cat is a precursor to bad luck, indicating that someone will destroy your reputation and make you feel ashamed, and you may also suffer property damage and have to guard against it.

Dreaming of driving away cats

Dreaming that you drove the cat away means that you can currently overcome all obstacles and preserve your reputation, and there will be new progress in your work and career.

Dream cat

Dreaming of a cat is a symbol of disputes, which will bring sadness and loss to you. If a businessman dreams of a cat, it means that you must care about products and quality, because better products will appear in the market to defeat you.

Dreaming of being bitten by a cat

Dreaming that you were bitten by a cat , Zhou Gong's interpretation of the dream indicates that the hard work you have done all the time may be ruined by the bad guys, and even more hateful will use your strategies to occupy your success.

Dreaming of cat jumping to knees

Dreaming of a cat jumping on your knees and coquettishly facing you, it means that your male (female) friend treats you very well, but also hurts you and pampers you very much. You will feel deeply happy.

Dream cat scratch mouse

Dreaming of a cat catching a mouse means that you might meet a thief. In addition, we must pay special attention to friendship. As long as we help each other and organize activities, everyone can live a happy life.

Dreaming of cats playing together

Dreaming of a few cats playing with each other indicates that you are at an embarrassing age, and at the age when you should have a successful career, you have nothing, but you have to bear unnecessary responsibilities. Women have this dream, which means that your love is blurred.

Dreaming about cat abuse

Dreaming that you are playing or killing cats, you have to be careful about being stolen recently. If the cat you abused in your dreams was raised by yourself, it means that if you are stolen, you can still find it.

Dream of eating cat meat

Dreaming that you are eating cat meat, this is a bad symbol, which means that you will be affected by others, or you may be injured or sick because of helping others, but you will not make more than you pay.

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