Gender: Male, Marriage: Single, Occupation: Teacher

Hello, Master, I had a strange dream. I dreamt that I was chatting with someone on a corridor-like dirt road between the wall of the village junior high school and elementary school. Suddenly I turned my head and saw a phoenix flying from the south. It was colorful, with hundreds of birds flying around it. When I was surprised, I shouted: Hundred birds face the phoenix. But the people around me said: That's a peacock. In my dreams, I also knew that there was no Phoenix in reality, so I was also puzzled, but the scene still made me wonder that it could only be a Phoenix. But when the phoenix flew over, I found that it turned out to be a paper phoenix used to burn the dead. I turned around very scared, afraid that it would take me to the Yin Cao Netherworld, and it would blow up the wind behind me and almost attracted me. I simply gave it the hat, and I still wanted to give you the hat back. Can't it?

Then I walked to the entrance of the elementary school and saw another phoenix flying over, surrounded by birds like sparrows. Then I saw a leader of my unit walk out with a red flower on his chest and bowed his hand to everyone. We all persuaded him as if he was the "Happy Lord", but his expression seemed to be very happy. And beside us is a long dragon-like phoenix gate arranged from east to west, and those yellow papers are still flying in front of our eyes. I only went to bed at three in the morning. This dream should have been done at five or six in the morning.

Ask the master for advice.

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation: Phoenix, here can be understood as the concrete expression of your ideal image in your heart, colorful, expressing beauty and richness, and birds flying around, expressing the hope that there are many followers, and the hope that you have a high status. People around you, but those around you say: It’s a peacock, it means that when you look forward to your ideal self, you will hear the voice of opposition from deep in your heart, secretly doubt your abilities, and think you can’t do it. So good, it’s just an ordinary, show-off bird. In the dream, I also know that there is no phoenix in reality. It expresses the same emotions. I don’t have enough self-confidence. I don’t believe that I can achieve the status I hope to achieve. It turned out to be a paper phoenix that was used to burn the dead. It was made of paper and fake. It also expresses your inner evaluation of yourself, thinking that your ideal image is illusory and unreal. Yes, it’s not as strong as paper, very scared, expressing your unwillingness to face, unwilling to face your own unconfidence, unwilling to face goals that you think you can’t reach, and simply give it your hat, A hat is a symbol of status. Due to lack of self-confidence, you feel frustrated in your heart. So there is a thought of giving up. A leader walks out with a red flower on his chest. It is also the image in your heart that you want to be. The glorious image with red flowers on his chest, the image surrounded by everyone, and he is the "Happy Lord", once again embodies your doubts about this expected image. You must build up enough confidence for yourself, believe in your own abilities, and at the same time, appropriately relax the requirements of yourself. Excessive or even unrealistic self-expectations will bring frustration to your heart.

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