What does it mean to dream about listening to other married men

Dream interpretation: Listening is a good thing, but as a woman listening to the voices of other married men, it seems a bit unreasonable. Such women generally cannot withstand temptation and are extremely prone to derailment. In my dreams, I always listen to the voices of other married men, reminding me to pay attention to my words and deeds, or it will affect my family.

A woman dreams that she always listens to the voices of other married men. In human consciousness, when encountering a person who is weak or unhappy in a certain aspect, it is easy to create a role of rescuer for herself, hoping that she can Really helped him. But after all, reality is reality. Married men are not talking about their happy and happy marriage, and often they are talking about other women's failures and unhappy marriages. And too many love stories also give love a hypothesis: beautiful love needs to be tormented. Therefore, listening to the tragedy of a married man in his dreams, while earning tears in his face, it is also the beginning of a plot of stealing. In reality, this situation is very many. Women who dream such dreams have poor psychological and physical resistance. They are addicted because they place themselves in the position of the savior. If they can't hold it in the end, they become a kind of consecrated redemption.

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