It seems that the upper floor has reached the top, but there is only an unprotected ladder leading to the upper floor. I stood still and did not dare to move. Looking down, there were clouds. I stayed there. Many people came down from above, and they didn’t know where they came from. A lot of water came out, everyone was very happy, but I decided not to go up. Solve.

Dream interpretation: to the top: it can symbolize the promotion of reputation, identity, status...Ladder without protection: The ladder symbolizes the promotion, and the lack of protection shows your inner anxiety and fear...Your decision is not to go up, and to mingle with the people around you. That way you will be happier... You can make a specific analysis based on your current psychological condition...

I dreamed that I was standing on a high place and couldn't get down

I often dream that I don’t know how to go to a very high place, such as a cliff or a tall building. Yesterday I dreamed that I was standing on a high rockery. I wanted to come down, but I was scared. Sometimes I tried to climb down. I was able to come down in a very steep and steep place. I don’t know exactly how I got down from a height. I don’t know how I got here... I shouldn’t grow taller, because I’m 21 years old and I don’t have any painful memories when I was a child. , At least I don't have any memory... I don't have high demands on myself. I have to do what I want to succeed. I myself have a very modest thinking. I may be a little emotional, feelings are more easily affected, such as TV, movies, weather, music... I used to dream of standing in a high place and I didn’t care too much, but recently I think I always have such dreams. It affects my mood. I always have similar dreams that make me feel very upset. So I want to know what can be improved. There is a lot of nonsense. I hope you can understand. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Or, I You can read some books to understand the meaning of the next dream mirror, Dreamsmeaning Book dream analysis I know... Question supplement:

I haven’t got a job yet, I’m still studying, and I don’t seem to worry about things like career studies. When I was a child, I only knew that my mother told me that once I was sitting next to a well and it was dangerous. My mother beat me. Pause, but it’s not like climbing high places. I recently watched TV and saw other people’s psychological cases on TV, so I thought about the meaning of dreams, so I wanted to ask MS. I didn’t get sick. I did a lot of similar dreams intermittently. I haven’t found anything wrong with my body...

Dream interpretation: Falling dreams can indicate people’s attitudes towards social status, work achievement, and decreased self-confidence. My explanation is that you should have been a very good student and have a good heart. Your family or friends must have been treating you all the time. There are high expectations, but you don't have much confidence in yourself. As you said, you are modest and not very motivated. But others have high expectations of you, so you will have a contradiction deep in your heart. You want to live the way you want, but at the same time care about others' expectations and opinions of you. So your mind will often " fight " in the subconscious, and you will often have this dream. In fact, in dreams, tall buildings, cliffs, etc. can all be regarded as ambitious goals in life or expectations that power and position have placed on you. Your fear and thinking about it means that you don't have the confidence to fight for it. You often think that it is too tired and too difficult, and it is easy to satisfy. All of the above hope to give you some hints, and good luck!

To dream that you can't get up and down in a high place, ask for analysis.

I dreamed that I had to go through a road every day. A section of that road was sliding down like a slide from a high place. There was no handrail at a high level. I was very scared, but I insisted on walking this road every day. But this time, I walked here and found that the slide became a very steep and narrow staircase, and I had to climb up the stainless steel railing first, but sitting on the railing, I found that the railing was not firm, wobbly, and very high. The railing I was sitting on was one or two meters high from the first stairway below my feet, and there was no handrail on the side. I didn't dare to jump. I couldn't go back or go forward when I was sitting on it, but the place I was sitting on was not stable. But somehow, I returned from the original road, and found another road. This road is under a bridge hole. I need to bend down and drill through. Then I walked hard from here, feeling like Must go where to do something. Then I woke up. Thanks for the expert analysis.

Dream interpretation: First of all, I want to say that I am not a master, I just analyze some of my ideas for you. There may be an error, but I want to try it. In your dream, I think that path should be your pursuit, ideal, and the path of life you are taking now. In the dream, you have to travel a path every day, which shows that you are a very persistent person, fighting for a certain goal and ideal recently. Or because of something very important in life, you often have to do something on a regular basis. The slide has no handrails and it falls from a height, indicating that you have recently encountered certain failures, thrills and insecurity in your life. As for the slides becoming very narrow, you said that what you are pursuing should be met with great difficulties. You find that the railing is not strong, wobbly, and high, and you are in a dilemma, which proves that your life is very contradictory and insecure. You have experienced struggle in your life. Finally you found a way, and then you found a way out. You said that what you feel like to do in your dreams should be what you want to do in reality that you cannot do or are obstructed. There is another explanation for this dream, which is about lust. The bridge hole represents the female reproductive organs, and you are experiencing emotional struggle. I want to pursue a kind of sexual satisfaction, but I have encountered obstacles in my life.

Dreaming at night, always dreaming of going up the mountain, or going upstairs, and looking down, I feel very scared and dangerous. What is the meaning? I have always dreamed of the same dream in recent years. What kind of mentality does it reflect?

Dreamsmeaning Book : Always dreaming about going up the mountain, going upstairs, looking down, and feeling scared, it means that you are afraid of the continuation of the "condescending" state. You are always on the verge of wandering, always hesitant to do things. It is recommended that you be firm in your dreams, don't doubt your abilities, give yourself more confidence, and you will naturally get better.

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