What does it mean for a college girl to dream of a bad guy?

Dream description: When I was a girl (first-year and second-year student) a few years ago, I used to dream about having sex with my mother . This weird dream has never been forgotten, remembering that I felt a smell of milk at that time. Mom wears white clothes. It's always been a heart attack. Is there something wrong with me? I'm precocious sexually and psychologically. I'm not homosexual. My imagination is not particularly rich and marginal. My relationship with my mother is average. This is probably the case.

The best interpretation of dreams: After doing the above dreams, my heart will be very bitter, even the lingering shadows in my heart. I can understand the pain in your heart and the confusion of not understanding the dream. In the text you mentioned that the relationship with the mother is average, and this is the root of your dream.

When we were young, we needed our mother's arms and affection. My mother gave us countless hugs and kisses, tolerating all our waywardness and rebellion. When we grow up, we go farther and farther away from our mother, but there are still memories of childhood in the subconscious, the satisfaction of being held in the arms of mothers and sucking milk ...

This dream does not mean that you are homosexual, nor is it a strange dream, but a psychological comfort to men, which reflects your anxiety when you have recently had tension with the opposite sex or have difficulties in communication. On the contrary, the same sex can understand their own thoughts and feelings, let alone their mother. Your heart is in need of your mother's approval and comfort, but it becomes a sex scene in your dream. White clothes represent your mother's love for you is simple and simple, and milk taste is your memory of your mother's taste in childhood. And this dream has nothing to do with imagination.

Tip: Although this incident has been going on for a long time, I still suggest you encounter any problems in your life. When you ca n’t solve it, tell your family. Maybe they ca n’t help you, but they can be a strong backing inside , The most selfless support you, comfort you. I hope you can relieve the bad effects of this dream on you as soon as possible and get rid of it.

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