What does it mean to dream of an old grandfather telling fortunes for me?

Good master. I dreamt that I met an old grandfather who told me fortune-telling and he was very accurate. Say that I can be a high-ranking official if I go to the army. Let me go to the Great Hall of the People to have a look. I also asked if I have been there. I was there when I was 6 years old. Then he persuaded me to be a soldier and said that I was not a human in my previous life. An official who manages the world. I asked why I was reincarnated in the world, and he said that too many people chased me in my previous life. I said if I was too strict, they wanted to beat me. Grandpa laughed and said nothing. Probably that's it. I have actually been to many monasteries , and many high-ranking monks asked me to be a soldier, saying that I have official career and are very big.

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation: The grandfather in the dream can be understood as a kind of wisdom image in your heart, which can guide your self to a certain extent. If you are a soldier, you can be a high official and understandable. Because, in your subconscious, there is a voice guiding your consciousness, telling you that being a soldier can be a choice for your future. Let you go to the Great Hall of the People. You went to the Great Hall of the People when you were six years old. The idea of ​​being a soldier in your subconscious probably originated from the feelings of a place like the Great Hall of the People when you were six years old. Some of the inspirations from your childhood rooted in your subconscious and affected your consciousness, so that it is now Will consider the path of being a soldier. Past life is not a person, but an official who manages the world. Past life is a symbol of the subconscious. It means that in the subconscious, you believe that you are capable of leading and managing work. Too strict, reflecting your ambition, strict self-requirements, high self-expectations, and potential for development.

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