What does it mean to dream about the dream of a lost love girl?

I broke up with my favorite boy some time ago.

I dreamed of a shooting star yesterday.

Many of them are beautiful.

There was a friend of mine next to me.

She and I made a wish to the sky.

I said suddenly. I hope I have a chance to love him again.

Then I saw a meteor fall.

It fell on my friend's chest.

After that, I made a wish again. It was the same wish. In fact, I didn’t want to say that wish at the time, and finally woke up...

( Dreamsmeaning Book ) Dream interpretation : This dream is very straightforward, which means: I hope I have a chance to love him again. Meteors are beautiful but short-lived. Just like how you feel about your relationship with him, you can’t touch them. Just like in reality, this relationship is no longer in front of you, you can’t catch it, and it falls to your chest. It is the center of human feelings. The meaning of this plot is to hope that feelings will be triggered. Friends express that part of themselves, communicating with friends in dreams, is equivalent to part of themselves confiding to another part, confessing to themselves, and friends expressing the same wish, they are emphasizing. But making a wish for a meteor is an illusory thing in itself. It is an expression of your wish that you have a chance to love him again. It is just an attempt, and the degree of expectation is not very high.

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