People often ask me, what is going on in a dream of a dead person ? I say this is the most difficult to say clearly in one or two sentences. It depends on who is the person you dream of? Do you know in your dream that he is dead? " Dead person " does not have a fixed meaning or several fixed meanings. If you dream of your deceased grandfather, then what you should ask is: What happened to my grandfather in my dream?

The death-related dreams I can talk about here are limited to: dreaming of unknown dead people, in the dream they also appear as corpses instead of acting like living people. Or, dreaming about the death of a living person in real life. Also, dreaming of dreaming that you are dying.

Unknown dead people in dreams or simply corpses often represent things that have been "dead". The death mentioned here is a symbolic death, not a real death.

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) For example:

A person dreams of walking up a mountain with dead people on both sides of the road. After analysis by psychologists, they found that in this dream, the dead represented his own loss of vitality and vitality.

Dreaming about the death of someone you know also has this meaning, which means that this person (or another person that this person symbolizes) is losing vitality and becoming dead. Dreaming that you are dying means that you are worried that you will become dead. This kind of dream about death sometimes dreams of people turning into stone statues. A 25-year-old girl dreamed that she had made dinner. She asked people to come for dinner but no one agreed. Only his own voice came back, like the echo of a deep cave. She was horrified and felt that the whole room was empty. She rushed upstairs. In the first bedroom, she saw the two sisters sitting stiffly on the two beds, and ignored her anxious call. She walked over to shake them up, but suddenly found that you were two stone statues. She fled into her mother's bedroom in terror. But the mother also became a stone...Desperate thing, she had to flee to the father's house...but the father was also a stone.

In addition, when a person feels "life is still dead", feels like a "walking dead", feels that his heart is dead, and feels that he is no longer growing, he will dream of his own death.

By the way, the symbolic meanings of death and sleep are very similar. When a person dies, we say "rest in peace" and say that he "sleeps underground", both of which point out that death is similar to sleep. The only difference between death and sleep is that you will not wake up again when you die, but you will wake up again when you sleep. In fact, in the spiritual world, death is not necessarily impossible to recover. The common theme of "resurrection" in the myths of various ethnic groups means that the mind can be revived after death, and can be restored after losing its vitality. "I dreamed that my wife was dead, lying in the coffin , covered in white cloth. I sadly took her hand and cried, suddenly her hand warmed, and she gradually lived."

The meaning of this dream is very simple. The dreamer finds that his wife has lost her vitality. He is very sad. And his emotion awakened the sleeping in his wife's heart-or the love of death, and rejuvenated her.

Death also symbolizes forgetting, elimination, overcoming, etc.

A woman who is broken in love dreams of her former boyfriend from time to time, and then one day, she dreams that that boyfriend is dead. There was no incident that would make her worry about that person. She hasn't heard from him for several years.

Death here means forgetting, and the girl thinks she has forgotten him. The day before her dream, she met a very good man. Perhaps the dream was showing that new feelings gave way to old ones.

After receiving psychological counseling for a period of time, a man dreamed that he killed someone in a dream. He leaned over to look at the dead man, only to find that he was also himself, but he was very ugly.

I should celebrate for him, because through psychological counseling, he killed "the me in the past" and the sick "me" with the ugly heart. "I dreamt that I was killed and a dagger was piercing my chest. I was extremely angry, but the murderer said that this was just an operation. I fell to the ground and the murderer dissected me. At this time, I stood looking at my corpse, and suddenly realized that it was not me who died."

I am also receiving psychotherapy. From this dream, it can be seen that she regarded the psychiatrist as a murderer because he killed her. He caused her pain. But later it was discovered that it was only her who was killed in the past, and after a reincarnation of her heart, she lived better.

Therefore, dreaming of death is not necessarily a bad thing. If it is a beautiful person or thing that dies, it is a bad thing. If what is dead is ugly and old, that is undoubtedly a good thing.

Ugly-looking people in dreams represent bad things, evil, hatred, stupidity, and all kinds of bad habits. Good-looking people represent good things.

Freud pointed out that dreaming of the death of relatives and friends in the dream and the grief in the dream is often the reappearance of the wishes of the death of relatives and friends in childhood. He pointed out that when a person is young, he hopes that the person he doesn't like will die. When a child hates his brothers and sisters who share their parental love with him, he also expects him to die. In the heart of a child, or in the subconscious of an adult, it is not a big crime to let someone die, but just "make him never come back". When people resent others, they will dream of his death. If this other person is a relative, the dreamer will deliberately express grief excessively in the dream.

Of course, it is undeniable that sometimes dreaming about the death of relatives and friends may just indicate a kind of conjecture. For example, someone dreams that grandpa is dead. Before going to bed, he received a letter saying that his grandfather was sick. He would naturally think that older people are very likely to die if they are sick. At this moment, the dream is just a kind of worry and guesswork.

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